Google + plays a key role in your online presence. If you want to bring in more people to your website and if you want to improve your image, you need to improve performance. Listed below are a few ways of doing this.
1. Content Strategy
When you use content strategy to build your Google + performance, you are going to be able to see greater success. Exceptional content used wisely can be the biggest boost to your performance, and you need to make sure that you put a lot of thought and time into this.
2. SEO
SEO is a major part of online success. While everything here has to do with SEO, you cannot forget even the most basics with it. Make sure that you are keeping it in mind as you write updates and as you make choices for your page.
3. Use Google Authorship
Google Authorship uses your Google + profile with search results. When people find pages connected to your profile, they are going to see your image and name, along with a bit of other information with it. This adds greater security to your writing while making your pages more appealing.
4. Use an appealing image
If you are taking advantage of Google Authorship, you should make sure to use an appealing image. This is going to be people’s first impression of you, after all, so you want it to be a good look. Make it appear professional so that people have the right idea of you.
5. Quality, current updates with strong links
One of the best ways to improve your Google + performance is to update your page with informative and attractive links that are strong with SEO. Make sure that you are using links that are going to give you a boost and that are accurate, and that you are staying current with information.
6. Stay connected to people who matter
The people in your community or field who matter most should be important to you. Put them in circles, talk to them, connect with them in your statuses, and do so much more. There is a lot for you to gain when you are keeping yourself relevant and in the minds of strong individuals in your community or field.
7. Make use of the editing tools
Google + offers numerous editing tools. Take advantage of them for your profile and your statuses to make sure that everything is done properly and is effective. This helps you to give every word a boost in performance.
8. Clean up your profile
When thinking of ways to improve your Google + performance, you may not consider the benefits of a clean and professional looking profile. The truth is, however, that an appealing profile that is search engine optimized and informative can make a huge difference in performance.
9. Look at the facts
You need to know the facts if you want to improve your performance. There is a lot of information out there about how you are doing, and a lot of tools that allow you to see this information in a clean and straightforward manner, so do your research. This helps you to know if what you are doing is working and if you are on the right path.
10. Stay active
One of the most important pieces of using Google + is staying active. You cannot expect to see all of the great results that you are after if you are not investing enough time and effort into this. Stay on top of what is happen