To be honest with you when I started out on the Internet, I knew about the buzz word building backlinks but seriously dodged it feeling it wasn’t necessary in today’s Internet world.


Fast forward today, I am racing like a speed car to build quality backlinks to all my blogs, knowing fully well this is the most important oil to fuel the engines for improved SEO.

SEO experts around the world will educate you, if you’re not building links for your pages be sure to forget traffic increase its plain simple.

This topic has been trashed out by several authors and experts in the industry by no measure, we will look at how to improve your traffic using backlinks.


What are backlinks?


Before we get to the real meat, lets do a brief introduction on what backlinks are; Backlinks are incoming links to a website or blog. Backlinks are also called inward links, inbound links, incoming links, ping backs.

To crown it all, backlinks are links coming from another site to hit any other, believe me search engines especially the Big G loves this.

 Here are 10 ISH ways to build Backlinks.

  1. Use social media :

 Here’s my favourite deal for getting backlinks, social media websites has attracted over a billion people, sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, Digg, stumble upon. Not only will you be getting great juice links, you can be sure to gather huge traffic from your articles or post.

 Use web 2.0 websites

 One great way to build authority links is by getting actively involved with web 2.0 sites . web 2.0 sites has been of great value to increasing traffic for my blogs. Example of such websites include squidoo, hubpages, wordpress

Web 2.0 sites are loved by google, all you have to do is write quality content link them back to  relevant articles and post on your blog, if you do this twice weekly you can be sure of gaining exposures from them.


  1. Use Newsletters

 Another wonderful strategy to get backlinks is to include optin boxes on your website and blogs, by doing this you are sending your readers regular emails this will get some of your subscribers to mention you and that can increase your backlinks.


  1. Use links within your articles

          Another great way to building authority links is by having links appear in the body of your articles by this you can link to other blogs that have high page rank in your niche topic doing so will increase your niche to better exposure.


  1. Create great videos

 This wonderful service can help in building backlinks to your blog and website. When you have interesting videos already published on youtube you can be sure to raise your search engine ranking. Videos overtime have been useful in building blocks of backlinks.


  1. Use Guest blogging strategies.

 Guest blogging is an important tool for folks interested in building links, by using guest post you need to seek out high quality blogs, blogs that have high engagement from one post to another should be your focus.

Ensure you don’t submit content to low quality blogs that will kill your blog and put you deep down the google hole.

Google loves quality guest post once they see you have no form of spammy links they will definitely embrace your post.

Search users would naturally link to a page that has answers they want. Endeavour not to be little your blog by posting on low level blogs or blogs that pay too much attention to adnetworks than content. Always create a portfolio of your successful guest post. You can create links when they are published.


  1. Write unique and original content.

 Writing what comes from your heart i.e. writing original content pertaining to the topic of interest increases your chances of having good quality backlinks. This is one great way to get quality backlinks and drive traffic to your website.


  1. Make use of solo ads.

 Solo ads are special offers exchanged by someone’s email subscribers they send your offers by email encouraging new users to sign up for information products affiliate product, ebooks etc. This sort of backlink strategy is ideal for newbies who are just starting out on internet marketing.

 Be sure to make good use of your subscribers by converting them well, send quality content to them or using fantastic videos.


  1. Get a Blog

This should be number one on your list blogs are helpful to pull in backlinks especially if your company has a product to promote, it will be helpful if you direct traffic to your website. Remember, blogs act as business cards to your profile, getting the attention should matter to you.


  1. Promote your blog using document sharing websites.


One old school method which I still find very useful to increase backlinks to your blog is the use of document sharing sites like scribd and slideshare, where you convert articles into pdf and share them to the document sharing sites.

Remember these websites have high PR rankings and can score your links high. I believe you can make good use of this.

 Wow! This is awesome, believe I have been able to trash this topic out, remember this is inconclusive, you can share more tips or make comment, do let me know your thoughts.

If you want high quality articles to be written for you send me a buzz

 I’ll be waiting CIAO !

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