Today, the way to market if you want to reach out to a large crowd and make your efforts mean something is to go online. People have been going onlineĀ  to market their business for years, but what is done has changed quite a bit.While people still use many of the same methods online that marketers did years ago, there are quite a few more ways out there, Instagram being one of the major ones. This took a simple idea and became a hot spot for people, becoming wildly popular with people of all ages and backgrounds


To effectively use Instagram profiles to reach a wider audience, you must know what you are going to do. There are many ways to make this work for you and your business, but there are 10 that deserve your attention.

  1. Instagram contests

Contests are a great way to attract attention and give your business free marketing. You are having other people create advertisements for you in order to win something nice. You can create engagement with contests, as well, since you are encouraging people to get involved.




2.Customers in the spotlight


When you feature your customers with Instagram, you can see a lot of return. They are more likely to advertise you, of course, but there is also another positive note to this. You become more attractive to customers as a whole, bringing in far more business.


3.Brand your business


Since these are all photos, you can use Instagram to create a brand that attracts your target audience. People who want what you offer can more easily find you, increasing the chances of interested customers going to you.


4.Get clients to market


When you create interesting photos and appeal to people, they are more likely to spread your messages and images. This is free advertising and it can pay off quite a bit.


5.Promote events/special occasions


You can provide a visual representation of your events, making it more likely for people to spend money to go there.



6.Reward followers


Promo codes, sales, and more information that are available to followers only will bring in more followers. People like free stuff, and delivering on that makes more people want to follow you.


7.Develop a rapport with customers


Whether you are talking to them or sharing their experiences, creating bonds with customers creates loyalty and makes you more attractive to potential customers.


8.Hashtags and keywords


Attaching your business to often searched for keywords increases the chances of people seeing you when they look into those keywords.


9.Show people what you can do


Give people a look at what it is you do. When they can see the results of your work, they might be more inclined to give you their business


10.Special look


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