Social media can be a great way to promote yourself, your business, or any other variety of services and activities, such as your blog. However, with social media sites, this free publicity and promotion only works if you are able to reach a large number of people through your social media sites. In this article, we will focus on how to get a lot of Twitter followers fast.

  1. Be active on Twitter: You want to give people a reason to follow you. Be interesting. However, you do not want to post so frequently that no one can interact with you, or be all over the place with your tweets.  If you’re too random with your tweets, people may get tired of following your account
  2. Clean up your Twitter often: For most people, twitter courtesy is to follow someone back when they follow you. However, periodically going through your twitter and unfollowing people who are not following you back keeps you from reaching your follow limits
  3. Use other social media to promote yourself: If you have a face book page, website, or blog, link it to your twitter account. If you already have followers elsewhere, chances are they will follow you on your twitter account as well
  4. Use a service to boost your numbers: There are websites that allow you to purchase twitter followers for a nominal fee. If you are really trying to boost your numbers, this is the quickest way to acquire a lot of followers quickly. The problem with this is that some websites will not necessarily be reputable or provide quality twitter followers, so use caution and do your research when you use sites like this
  5. Follow established Tweeters: Celebrities, businesses, really anything that interests you. If the people you are following have a large number of followers, this is a great way to increase traffic flow to your twitter page
  6. Retweet: review your tweets and see what people responded to. Retweet these popular posts. Additionally, if you retweet other people’s tweets, they will often reciprocate by retweeting your tweets, increasing traffic flow to your page.
  7. Tweet during peak times: If you look at your tweets, and other peoples, you may notice that during certain times of the day, there were more responses to your tweets. Try to post more frequently during these high traffic times to gain exposure for your page.
  8. Get on twitter directories: just as you want to promote yourself on your own social networking and social media pages, there are free twitter directories that you can sign up for so that your site gets more traffic.
  9. Target your twitter followers: If you search keywords, you can find other people who are tweeting subjects you are interested or may also be tweeting about. This is time consuming, but if you find people with similar interests you are more likely to gain followers
  10.  Be yourself! Don’t worry so much about how you come across on twitter. If your Tweets are about things that interest you, and reflect your personality, you will come across as more honest, increasing your likeability and making you easier to follow on twitter.

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