If you are wondering how to get website traffic to increase views of your page then there is no need to worry as there are plenty of ways to get

more traffic to your page.  Something you should always remember is that unique content and post will draw people in and is a great way to

bring more people to your website.

Ideal Ways to Write Unique Content for Increase Traffic to Your Website

Here are some ideas on how to write a unique content and post for your website.

1. Find new things to write about every day.  This can be difficult but by writing about new things every time you post you will continually

draw more people in.

2. Do not be afraid to discuss your personal views on a heavy topic.  Some people love controversy and if you provide that with your point of view

you are bound to get plenty of views and comments.

3. Think of topics that a lot of people do not write about.  Anyone can write about their favorite meal to cook but how can you make that unique and

different?  That is why writing about topics that many people do not is one way for how to get website traffic.

4. Write content that is both engaging and attention grabbing.  By making your posts interesting and attention grabbing you will bring more people

in and they will keep coming back for more every time you post.


thinking mode when writing

5. Be daring not only pick topics that others may not but do not be afraid to agree or disagree with popular opinion.  People will appreciate your

opinion especially if it is well written.

6. A great way to write unique content is to give advice on a topic.  This can be both fun and serious depending on the topic.  This will be unique only

to you because it is your advice from your point of view.  People will either love it or hate it but they will most likely come back for more.

7. Write about stuff that you know about.  Do not pick topics that you really know nothing about.  Write what you can about topics that you know.

8. Try not to back yourself into a writing niche.  If you want to only write about cooking then people are only going to come to you for information on

cooking.  You want your blog to be specific but not too specific.

9. Have a perspective on what you are writing about and why you are writing it.  Go into the blog knowing why you are writing about that topic so

that you can make a valid point and be informational.

10. Be you when you write.  Do not try to use words that you would not usually use.  You want to infuse your writing with your personality which

will make your website truly unique to you.

11. Do not base your website and content on other similar websites make it all your own and be independent when it comes to your content.

12. Write about your personal experiences.  This will really bring people into your content and of course it will be creative and unique because

they are your experiences.

13.  Bring in a guest blogger.  Sometimes it can help to liven up your website and not only bring in new readers but also if they are a popular blogger

it can bring their readers over to your site.

14.  Have a great blog design.  By making your blog easy to navigate and full of content that is easy to access you can improve traffic to your site.

15.  Use catchy headlines and subtitles to get people’s attention.  Sometimes a great title is all it takes to draw a reader in.

16.  Build a presence online through social media.  You can easily create a business page and you can include links to your website which will

increase your traffic.

17.  Use more keywords that will make your website more searchable.  If you blog about cooking use words that will be searched for consistently

like: recipes, cooking, easy meals, and so on.

18.  Comment on other blogs and include links to your own page.

19.  When you network with other websites and other bloggers it can really help out your page and bring more traffic to your page.  When you and

a good network of online friends get together to write blogs and share information it can really improve your writing and the content of your page.

20.  Use the facts, if you are writing an informational article or are interviewing someone using facts and having sources to back up your information

it makes you a reliable source of information.  This will help lend you and your site some credibility.

21.  Use social media.  You can use Facebook and Twitter as well as YouTube to bring more traffic to your site.  You can post excerpts from your

blogs on these social media outlets and post links as well.

22.  Make your website more than just a blog.  Have fun contests and engage your readers.  Have them submit their own articles and pick the best

ones to feature and showcase on your blog.

23.  Vary the length of your articles.  Try to not only write short articles but also write some longer articles with more content.  It gives your readers

a chance to enjoy more than just the little bits that you write; it shows your range and your depth.

24.  Write with personality.  Infuse your work with who you are and be unique as only you can be.

25.  Have a call to action throughout the articles that you are posting.  You can use a call of action to invigorate your readers to share, like, and

spread the word about your posts and website.

26.  Have an email list this way your readers will know when you have posted a new blog or article and it is a great way to keep your avid readers


27. Give away great gifts!  If you are a blogger that focuses on health and exercising and how it can improve your life than giving away healthy foods

or exercise equipment or tickets to the 50th person to like your page can bring in lots of readers.

28.  Throw events.  Have a live video session where your readers can ask you questions and comment.  Webinars are a great way to engage your