Social media is an essential skill in the business and professional world, and blogging is an important part of that. You need to know the 30 essentials for blogging success if you are planning to begin blogging frequently and successfully.


  1. Pick your focus. Very few people can get away with a blog that seems scattered. Whether it is your business or something else, you need to make sure your blog is focused.
  2. Stay relevant. Once you have decided on your focus, do not allow yourself to wander or drift too much.
  3. Do not be boring. Even though you want to remain focused and relevant, you need to have variety. Seem impossible? It is not. You can always change things up and remain relevant. For example, if you run a craft blog, do not just post craft ideas or instructions. Occasionally stick in a product review or hilarious craft fail story to keep things interesting.
  4. Do not be boring visually either. Lengthy, text-y blogs are great if you are writing a manifesto, but chances are you’re not. Use margins and paragraph breaks. Give the reader’s eyeballs a break.
  5. Do not be so visually interesting you give the reader a headache. Stick to standard color schemes. There is no reason to use a dark background, white, red, or yellow font. Do not use pink and purple background and font. It is cute, but hard to read. Stick to standard colors and contrasts.
  6. Use media. A picture says 1000 words. It does when you are blogging. Include video clips, relevant photos, and cartoons, whatever – just do not think that having a blog means you can only use text.
  7. Make sure you have an RSS feed or subscription button. You will get more followers if people are able to be notified when you update your blog.
  8. UPDATE YOUR BLOG. You can post as much as you want, but make sure that you are posting regularly. If you cannot post more than once a week, make sure you post on the same day, every week. followers will lose interest and forget about you if you do not update regularly.
  9. Link your accounts. Your Facebook, twitter, and blog need to link to each other, so that you get traffic to your blog from social media followers who may not frequently read a blog.
  10. Keep it fun. A blog is not a research paper. Be accessible and friendly.
  11. Follow trends. Keep up with what people are interested in. Write about it.
  12. Share your experience. People relate to people. You do not have to be general.
  13. Be confident about what you are doing. Do not worry – not everyone will appreciate your blog.
  14. Do not let negative comments deter you. Blog on.
  15. Pick a topic or theme you can relate to. Just because something is popular does not mean you have to write about it.
  16. Do not force it – if you do not feel like writing, do not. Wait for your muse to come back to you.
  17. Promote yourself. Use Facebook, twitter, and word of mouth to announce new posts.
  18. Do what you love. Do not be afraid of rejection.

If you follow these simple essentials for blogging success, you will be sure to have followers.

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