I’ve been writing for well over 8 years and trust me if you’ve been writing for that long time you probably would have some experience in writing.

Today I will show you 40 websites that pay you to write for them

write to get paid

Writing is an art, and writing could be fun, making a living online can be difficult if you don’t have a path to follow, as a starter I have combined

a list of blogs and websites that will pay you to contribute an article for them, some of these websites have definitely increased my purse and

sharing them with you will be fun.

Here’s a compiled list of blogs that will pay you anywhere between $40 a post to over $500 even more, this list is just a fraction of what maybe out

there, most of the websites mentioned have been tested and trusted.

The list in no particular order:

        1.       Post Joint: these guys pay anywhere between $100 – $200 per post, according to their website they pay once they publish your post.

        2.       Audio Tuts + : Audio Tuts + is a blog specifically in the audio niche, they pay $50 for tips you provide as a form of an article, writing anywhere

                 500 words is a great idea to make a quick bucks from them.

       3.       One spoon at a time: Writing for Paul Wolfe is a cool thing to do and he’s ready to pay you $50 for your work, one spoon at a time features 3 to 4

                guest post every month from guest bloggers.

        4.       WP webhost: Paying you $100 per article from a blog is a plus, this is what WP webhost can don for you, if you have experience in wordpress or

                  webhosting then you should be part of the writing team here.

        5.       Freelance switch– another cool website on the envato network that pays for your contribution is freelance switch, they are a worthy team to be

                part of

        6.       Drop Zone– A great niche site on sky diving you can be paid anywhere from $50-$100mper article featured.

         7.       Sitepoint– I am a great fan of sitepoint and trust me part of my python coding success comes from these guys, you can be sure of getting paid

                anywhere between $100-$250 per article. Sitepoint traditionally is a website that speaks more on web development as well as software

               development. Your article should be over 1,500 words for it to get published.

        8.       First Web designer – A family of web designers leave here and this website pays you between $50-$75 for every article piece you contribute.

                If you are a good techie then this website is for you.

       9.       House Logic– They pay you $1 a word so imagine having 500 words do the maths, the site is operated by the National Association of Realtors

        10.   Pxleyes – Pxleyes is a popular design blog that pays as much as $150 for articles published.

        11.   Write Your Publication– These guys pay $50 per post and your article must be between 500-2000 words.

       12.   Travel and Leisure– This travel and tours niche website pays up to $1000 per article, getting a thousand dollars per article when found credible.

       13.   World Hum – Another travel niche website that pays pretty well is World Hum, getting articles published here is determined by your unique style.

        14.   Transition Abroad – This website pays between $50-$150 per article published and they have rare reviews on the internet as the number one

              choice for travelers.

        15.   FlashMint: If you have Adobe flash or other related flash/animated design tutorial, tips then this website is for you. They pay $150 per tutorial if


       16.   Problog design– Getting paid on the internet is fun and one great blog doing this is Problog design, they pay between $100-$125. They also allow

             you to post a link back to your website.

       17.   Funny Times– A humor niche that pays you $60 per article, they pay you if you can bring some fun to the table, whether in religion, politics,

               business, so if you are a funny man or woman get on board here.

      18.   A list Apart – Paying a $100 per post this website allows you to have your website, as part of your bio page. Not only do you get paid you can gain

              credit by having visitors visiting your blog.

       19.   Make a living writing – She got inspiration to pay writers who guest post on her blog; as a freelance writer which she started in 2010. Carol who

               owns the blog pays $50 per post and she has her reasons why she pays writers

       20.   List Serve – They pay $100 per post

       21.   The Progressive – A political niche based magazine, they accept $50-$1300 per post when you contribute for them, I would encourage Journalist

              around the globe to be part of this team.

       22.   On Text – They pay $40 per article and payments are done via paypal they pay you once your article is published online.

       23.   Know more media – Know more media is a business based blog that pays between $100 – $700 for post published.

       24.   Writers weekly –They pay anywhere between $45-$60 per article, they are a publication company that distributes articles you submit to them.

       25.   HV designs  Graphic designers will gain more from this website which pay anywhere $120

       26.   BirdChannels.com – Birdchannels is a niche pets website that bird lovers love to visit, contributing articles to this website can earn you anywhere

               between $100-$400 per article.

        27.   Spyre Studios – A web design based website they pay between $50 – $160 per website.

        28.   Developer Tutorials – A webdesign/programming blog, you can submit articles related to the website and pay anywhere between $50-$100 for

                 tutorials and also $30-$50 for your articles if listed.

        29.   Intense Blog – Intense blog will pay you up to $50

       30.   Be a freelance blogger – They pay $50 for 500 + words, you can choose payment methods and you have the chance to have hyperlinks redirected

                to your blog.

      31.   PSD tuts- The blog deals on the topics surrounding Adobe Photoshop and CS 5 techniques, they pay about $50 for a short tutorial or video,

              you can visit them on http://psd.tutsplus.com

      32.   Aetuts + – This blog is about Adobe after effects software with lots of how to post. If you have a video tutorial, then this website is for you,

              minimum pay they will give you is $50 ae.tutsplus.com

      33.   Be A Freelance Gig: This blog covers topics on SEO, blogging, social media online businesses, if you have long detailed post, with your personal experience

               to it then send your post here to be paid between $100-$200 per post.

      34.   Iworkwell – iworkwell deals on articles credited to HR experts, the blog focuses on employee as well as labour relations, workforce planning and

             leadership. Folks here will pay you $200 per article.

      35.   TheTechLabz – They deal on Adobe flash like Actionscript 3 as well as Adobe Air skills, if you have tutorials then submit to them, payments

              between $50-$75 per tutorial.

      36.   Cracked – The comedy/humor niche would not be left out without mentioning cracked.com, they encourage you to submit comic ideas and funny

            stories, you will need to first register on their forum to take part as a contributor. They pay between $50-$200. Get cracked.

       37.   TheBump.com – Niche site on parenting and pregnancy they pay $0.50 to $1.00 per word

       38.   International Living – IL is a magazine with a popular blog that discuss foreign investments, travel deals, real estate and retiring overseas, they

                also talk about business outside us you can make between $25 $400 per article.

        39.   WPMU – Another great wordpress tutorial website is WPMU, if your writing skills are good on wordpress tips and tricks then be sure to get paid

                 between $20 – $500 per article.

       40.   Read Learn Write – This blog encourages adult education through reading and writing. They welcome pitches from anyone with an interest

                in the intersection of reading, writing and learning for adults. Payments for your tip about $50 per 500 words.

This list in not exhaustive I will be compiling a list of website that pay you to write for them, in a not too distant time


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