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Bitcoin is becoming more famous than the Queen of England, more so that Schools of learning are seeking Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as an alternative mode of payments to earn degrees.

At the moment schools in Cyprus are taking the trend in using this as a payment mode particularly the University of Nicosia.

They have already started with degrees in Blockchain technologies, having already graduated the first set of students even the first woman who is proud of her asset. But there is a good standing for this as the Digital currency is faster and easily available to use as a mode of payment.

Let’s say for example as a Nigerian I have to pay for overseas school fees and I need to pay via Banks with all their charges and excuses, I need not kill my thoughts but look out for a school who just needs to send me theirĀ 0xa0f9a59632A2C3F4167Ef7efD92A17434291f3Ae7C address and am done. It’s a revolution that is fast getting the attention of the world and ,many more are joining the bandwagon.

More schools are joining the Bitcoin train, schools likeĀ University of Cumbria, Kings College in the US, European School Of Management and Technology (ESMT) and University of Edinburgh more to follow.

With this trend it is clear more and more expertise will be needed especially in third world countries like Nigeria trying to catch up with the trend