With Facebook increasing to over 1 billion users, and more than half of them login daily you can be sure this is the best place to engage consumers and customers alike.

There is no doubt advertising on facebook cost money but the return on investment in them creates greater value in the long run. Facebook Ads is the new strategy in getting target groups within a niche market.

What makes it great is that anyone can create a facebook Ad, whether its for a facebook page, event, App, other destination on facebook or your own website.

In creating your Facebook Ad here are some factors to consider

  1. First register as a user on facebook, if you don’t already have an account get one, registering requires you have a primary email address, you do need to be a registered facebook user in order to advertise on facebook.
  2. The next step is to ensure you have all the necessary details in creating your facebook ad. Now this depends on your plan on advertising, this can include a website URL, birthdays, events, places or dates; you need to also include photo or logo to include with the ad.
  3. The next step is to go to your facebook home page and on the right hand side bar look for the section marked ‘sponsored’ where ads appear. Next to the word ‘sponsored’ is a link that reads ‘creates an AD’. Click on that button.

pricing 11

Designing your own Ad.

For every Ad you create, Facebook automatically generates a preview at the bottom of that page, this is to give you an idea of what your ad will look like.

for every ad

Destination: Next is to choose if your Ad will be a Facebook page or external URL (website) you have created.

In choosing a facebook page you can choose between a facebook ad which you will need to choose the destination tab or which tab of your facebook page the link in your ad will direct the user. Here you can include the body of your ad copy and an image or logo.

Or A Sponsored story.

Here you can choose between a page like story and a page post story.

A page like story will show the user a friend who likes your page, with the call to action being a ‘like’ button.

Select your Audience.


In selecting your audience you need to specify 5 key things.

Location: City state, province or country where your ads are to be seen.

Demographics : Choose an age range, target to men or women or both.

Likes and Interest: Enter a specific interest and facebook will match your ads with the profile of your choice.

Advance targeting options: This can include the education, birthday, language, relationship status of the individual.

Connections on facebook: Choose whom you like to target.

Also you can select whether you will pay by clicks or views and set your price.

Campaign Pricing and schedule: Here, you can choose the currency you want to use when paying for your ads, your daily or entire campaign budget, and when you’d like your ad to appear.

pricing on facebook

Review your Ad: Ensure the information you put in place is correct you can always edit any part of your ad here


Place your ad with an order you can pay by credit card or by paypal.


Please be CAUTIOUS when using facebook advertising, it is better used for relationship building with customers than inducing direct sales strategy towards it.


Always have this in mind when setting up budgets.

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