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The headline is funny trust me, I was even thinking to myself how best to coin a title that will best describe who a CEO is and trust me the CEO doesn’t mean ‘ Chief Executive Officer; it’s ‘Certified Employee Organizer’ , that’s strange for a title if you ask me, but trust me that’s what every CEO should be.

If you don’t know this CEO’s major faculty is Director of Solutions , by being the DOS you should have a listening ear to your subordinates; listen to what they have to say and ask, ( always ask) how best to solve problems; the major problem most DOS face is by not listening; you need to listen to your subordinates , those you employ and even your driver to understand what you lack in the business and how best to grow it.

But you may wonder how can you connect with your team to have that open door policy in place, to keep the fire burning in your organization, let’s start from the basics,

  1. Declare you have an open door policy: Tell this to your team if you have general Monday meetings, declare it you’re not an animal, beast or Superior mammal, guys this is not the way, you have to make them understand you function 24/7, you will always listen, you pledge not to crucify those who bring forth ideas, am not saying people who will bring in gossip to you, hell no, that’s no CEO/DOS kinda guy, that’s the Bull Shit kinda guy. I’ve seen them so don’t be that.
  2. Your email is your best tool: Do you know your email is the easiest way to reach out to your team, early Monday motivation mails can be a starter, with the mail you send this can ginger the swag with your team or organization,  you catch my drift; this builds a better understanding and makes people understand you better, cut the chase don’t assume you know it all, make the move like as if you were chasing a date and you needed a date, let someone open up that email and send you a quip suggestion. It’s gonna help mate !!
  3. Closed User Group Like Whatsapp: Yeah, trust me you can use this one and tell them all you have to say, they can come up with their suggestions, some folks may decide to tell you in person, it’s ok you’ve made it open, you’re the open guy.
  4. Be The Kid The Comic Guy: You can always make yourself the guy everyone  will laugh with, you’re the guy who when you talk you, you drive your point, you drive growth and you make them laugh and wanna see you for more, give them that channel, let them see you believe in them and you are not to be feared, I use to have a boss who was on the Big side and folks assumed he was the wicked, dangerous dude who people feared, don’t be like him, if you are big, be the jovial big guy, but heey !! no one should take advantage of your comic side you get the idea.
  5. Force the Open door policy: You can drive the point that you wish to meet Employee A, C and F on Tuesday by 4.00 pm, Wednesday is for Employee B, J and P, make them have lunch with you, have that time and room you can speak with them , even at your home, it give’s them that sense of belonging, I remember a former colleague who was fired and then was got a job months later in another firm, time went by and someone refered him to another firm, even with the offer they made, he didn’t want to leave his new place of work, ‘ Why ?’ I asked him , He simply said ” The guys are work with here are like family, they make me feel happy, not much pay but you feel at home with them” I was really impressed with the way he said it, that’s how it should be. Some businesses always want to keep their old hands handy not because they don’t have other options but just for the fact that they add value to the value chain, be that value chain and appreciate them.
  6. Be transparent in your dealings:  Make it known to them what’s up, your down and out, let them know you got burned in a business deal that makes everyone pay shake, make them know, let the team know this and then you will be surprised how everyone will show concern and how they may have a remedy for that ish ! you get the idea ? Be open to your team , growth can come from another alternative and this helps if people can help.

I know I have trashed a bit but you can bring forth your own ideas, be that ‘Special One’ be that one that you are always there at the right time, guys I rest my case, Drops the Mic !!


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