Social media has taken the Internet by storm. Not only in regard to interacting with friends and family, but as a major contributor for online traffic. Regardless of the niche that you are in, you can build a massive audience that will make you into a social media rock star in no time at all. The best way to achieve this is by using the top three social media platforms on the net: Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Here are 39 tips you should consider is becoming popular, and successful, through social media is important to you.

 Understanding the Basics of Social Media

 There are many services on the Internet that will build social media platforms for you for a small cost. The problem with these services is that they do not fill out your business information, something that must be done. Trust is a huge issue on the Internet, and if you do not reveal who you are, and what your business does, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for people to trust you once they find you on the web.

 The best thing to do is to use your real name, real location, and your website in your profile information. You might want to include personal interests, your occupation, and the employment experience that you currently have. Keep in mind that any information that you add is relevant, and the more that you place into your profile, the more legitimate people will find you to be. With that said, let’s now take a look at Twitter, and how you can begin to build a large following on this very popular social network.

 Understanding Twitter

 Although Facebook is actually the number one social media website on the net, Twitter is by far the easiest to use. You simply enter in a 140 character message to make your tweets known to the world. Unfortunately, a message that is not seen by the world is useless despite how well it is written. Here are some tips you should consider when using Twitter to build your social media presence.


  • Tweet on a regular basis
  • Use the official Twitter follow button
  • Follow others related to your niche on Twitter
  • Locate targeted individuals that will appreciate your messages
  • Find followers on websites like WeFollow, Twitter Counter, and Follower Wonk
  • Follow anyone that you personally shared a tweet with
  • Post only relevant information that your followers will like
  • Schedule your tweets using services like Buffer
  • Make sure that followers, and those who are following, are similar in number.
  • Eliminate people that are following you that are not posting relevant information.
  • Find influential people to follow
  • Thank people that actually follow you
  • Answer all questions in a timely manner


Understanding Google +


Even though Google + does not rank as well as other services such as Yahoo Answers or YouTube, it is still a viable solution for finding people interested Internet. Here are 13 tips that you can use to track even more potential customers:


  • Use Google + badges on your website
  • Use the Google + search box to find relevant followers
  • Utilize keywords that will help you find the right people
  • Make sure that your Authorship Entries are up-to-date
  • Interact regularly with your followers
  • Your personal profile should be up-to-date as well
  • Organize your circles right from the start
  • Make sure that your chat is turned on
  • Create a hangout where people can join you
  • Always comments on your connection’s posts
  • Improve your ranking by using the proper keywords
  • Attract the right people by posting the right information
  • Make sure that your description uses keywords that will attract loyal followers


Understanding Facebook


Facebook is the largest most popular social media network on the web. It can be a very powerful tool when it comes to attracting people to your particular business or niche. Here are 13 more tips on how to utilize the social media platform the right way.


  • Invite friends on a regular basis
  • Add personal messages when people link to you from their blog
  • Utilize the “Find Friends Browser” to find people in your area
  • List previous schools, places you have lived, and employers to expand your profile
  • Ask others to add you to their close friend list
  • Make sure that your status updates are shown to all of your friends
  • Be sure that notifications are sent out to both email and Facebook
  • Do comments on blogs with Facebook comments
  • Like as many other pages as possible
  • Comment on other Facebook posts regularly
  • Search for those that are related to your niche and join them
  • Always check your messages
  • Try to respond to comments and posts every single day


Social media is an excellent way to build your business without having to worry about ranking in the search engines or having to spend money on advertising to bring people to you. If you create a social media presence that is large enough, with numerous followers, you will certainly succeed. By using the 39 tips we have presented in regard to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, you should be well on your way to online success in no time.

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