How to build a social media strategy from your competitors

Imagine building a social media strategy with so much difficulty, as though am not alone many webpreneurs have this same problem which they want to overcome.

Having to beat your competitors is not about showcasing your products and services, its about knowing what they are doing right and what you are doing wrong.
The truth is you need to beat your competitors at your very best via social media.
I will give you some very useful tips on how to win over your competition and stay on top of your social media strategies.

1. Having a unique strategy.

When adopting social media to your business you need to think outside the box, businesses around the world will say they failed in using social media, the truth is you didn’t allow social media work for you; like someone once tweeted companies should focus more on how to be social and less on how to do SOCIAL MEDIA . One ideal thing you should focus on is STRATEGY.
Look out for profiles of your competitors: Your top competitors profile should be your focus, how often do they change their cover photos, facebook pages, LinkedIn, Google + pages. Some of your competitors change with the times, like during festive seasons or holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, they are always changing their themes and this helps their business. You can change using personalities or yourself for your profile.

2. Measure your competitors.

You need to check the metrics or stats of your competitors, the idea is to measure your competitor’s engagement; tools to use include twitter customer service analysis report which shows you details of how your competitor handles customer service on twitter, Instagram user report that helps you analyse instagram users up to 250,000 followers, Facebook competitive Analysis report that gives you insight up to 10 facebook pages and finally Google+ all powered by Simple Measured