Can you imagine having that irresistible ad on facebook and it all comes down to having over 50,000 likes within a short space of time .

You might be wondering why some ads has so much impact than other ads has so much impact than other ads, the answer is very simple. ” The perfect Headline Speaks louder than Words”.

You only have a split second to tell the world what you have and in so doing you shouldn’t be wasting time to put in those few words as your headline.

Imagine this great headlines to use

” Want More Fans?”

” I Love The NBA ”

” We Love Messi ”

These attention seeking headlines can grab a gammoth of crowd to your fan page.

The Perfect Ad Story

The whole idea of your ad is to get thm CLICKED, facebook wants you to always keep it simple short and straight to the point.

Have your Ads make people want to click , a Call To Action

Have a unique call to Action

It may be ‘ CLick the Like button’, ‘CLick like to be part of us’,  ‘Click like below’

‘ Click To Have 75% Off ‘

Click and WIN BIG !’

I hope you get the message.

Using that Picture

Another important feature in any ad you place on facebook is the picture.

A picture speaks more than any other unique thing, while your headline should grab your audience attention. Your pictures are the attention seekers.

Your pictures must not be relevant to the ads you are displaying, I hate when I see ads that makes you feel old, what I mean here is don’t put up ads that will require surgical glasses to use.

You shouldn’t be putting up tiny pictures, it is important to put up pictures that will grab your audience attention; maybe you should take this action.

Go to your facebook ad and look by your right the ads that tickle your fancy, tell me what excites you and what you think about those ads.

Pictures tell alot of stories about what is on the inside and you need to give it your best shot when posting a picture for your ad.

Always remember that facebook has guidelines for posting pictures .

Hope you enjoyed this please feel free to comment or better still like us on facebook CLICK NOW !

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