In social media the new buzz in town is Instagram; to be honest I never really was a fan of Instagram until the stats caught my eyes.

Shocking but true Instagram has over 100 million users connected across the globe. And of course I didn’t waste time in using this wonderful social tool. The wonder site allows users to upload photos with pretty captions or hashtags will help you gain more connections than ever before.
When I started using the app, I noticed a sudden climb to my account from a few followers to over hundred followers with time I improved on the number of followers and likes on the images I posted on my profile.

I made a few research and improved on my performance if you want to get more followers and likes on your Instagram photos, ere what you need to do.
1. Connect your Instagram and Facebook account
For you to appreciate traffic and increase in your Instagram account you can connect your facebook account to your Instagram account, you can be sure to have at least 20% of your facebook friends to following you on Instagram.
2. Increase using commenting.
Getting more people to like your images can help increase your followers. You need to engage users this way, its been said that everyt second on Instagram creates 575 new likes versus 81 comments
Commenting on other folks photos brings in more traffic and likes to your Instagram page, the response rate is high once you do this.
3. The Use Of Brilliant # Hashtags.
Social media sites like twitter and facebook use #tags and Instagram is no exception, you can use these hash tags when on photos for me they are the top 10 hash tags
9. #summer

4.Liking photos brings more followers and likes
The principle is about the same with other social media platforms. You like other people photos who are not following you and are more likely to generate likes and followers to your page. Each time I like photos from random followers I tend to increase my likes by more than 71% this is healthy for me.

5. Be on a schedule
Its important to let your followers know when you post new photos, if you’re going to be doing it on a weekly basis or daily, stick to the plan. You should never be updating in a day or two and then disappear for weeks only for you to resurface again, you think building loyal followers is this easy.

6. No dull moments from you
Try to get photos that will keep your fans and followers glued to you, always update, keep posting if you’re the type that travels that will be a plus for you, never get bored.

7. Take time out to interact.
It might not be easy for folks with large audience or followers, but try to respond to comments your friends make on your pages. It helps a great deal to build relationships.

8. Edit your images.
Take out time to edit images that look clumsy or not properly taken you can get good photo editing apps

9. Take wonderful selfies.


instagram selfie
Try to take selfies of you and see what others are taking using the hashtag selfies. I have scored through hundreds of selfies and trust me people are great at doing this, give it a try.

Growing your account requires patienceand tactics , remember to like as many images and comment daily. If you follow my suggestions you can be sure of gaining more followers.

Tell me what other ways you can boost your likes and followers