One thing I have come to appreciate the internet marketing community is the ability to be creative so as the IM world becomes associated with your expertise.

Guest blogging or guest post has seen many internet marketers (IM) become pros within their given niche.

But a great number of people have failed simply because their guest post was rejected from being used as such the blogger becomes a faded story.

Writing for blogs as a guest blogger serves as great fun and I would like to share with you 5 great tips from becoming a successful guest blogger in 2013.

  1. Be acquainted with the latest trend:

A lot of changes are taking place presently in the IM world and as such it is important you are well aware of the latest trend within your niche. By so doing, you should be an authority within your niche, subscribers to your blog should see you as their last resort when making a decision within any period of time.


  1. Always update Your Niche Website:

A successful guest blogger should always have his website updated regularly by this you should have your niche blog which should serve as your reference blog updated at least twice every week. The best time for me to update a blog should be on Monday or Friday.

It is also important to have your guest post go live. Try to establish a contact with authors of the authority blog before your post goes live.

  1. Create a video Content:

Video blogging is by far one of the fastest ways to attract traffic to your blog or website.

Creating a video content for your guest blog  will not only increase traffic, but will make you an outstanding expert in your field. Visitors will feel more relaxed when seeing your face because they are getting the attention they deserve.

You should try to have at least 2 videos updated on your  blog weekly. I have made it a point of duty for 2013 to have at least 6 videos weekly on all my blogs.

  1. Understand your target audience and Blog.

Let be honest if you are selling shoes in a market where fish is sold you don’t belong there …

Know your target audience; always feed them with the right kind of information.

If you have a blog specifically teaching your audience on how to keep a decent kitchen then you don’t need to scare them with a blog post or video on how to make money online.

More like placing round begs in square holes it doesn’t work that way. Be consistent with your writing; always have your research tools in place before writing your articles.

For me the best time to write should be late at night or early hours of the morning.

This really helps a lot in your guest blogging career especially if you are a newbie starting out.

  1. Never give up, never give up, Never give up …. Winston Churchill

For me, this is my final note, if you want to be successful, always use this kama, never feel dejected anytime your article is rejected by a blogger.

If you  can’t the A-List blog to push your articles, then try the B-List blogs if that doesn’t work then try the C-List but what is important, NEVER GIVE UP !

Uzoma Eze, is a blogger and shares his tips and ideas on his blog

If Uzoma is not blogging he’s thinking of the next big deal on the forex market

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