driving trafficDriving traffic to your website or blog is a massive project every website owner will be thinking of trying his or her hands on. It’s a skill that makes many have sleepless nights.

Imagine having your blog stand out from 0 to 100,000 page views every month, that’s the kind of blog visitors we all dream to have, here are a few tips to grow your traffic.

Make good use of content

Driving traffic to your website won’t be cool without the use of content, content is King to any blog always update your blog daily, this will add up the numbers and trust me King Google loves this; a blog post a day will sure up traffic to your bog. If you can increase this to 4-5 post daily it will be such a beauty. If you want to hit 2 to 15 million unique visitors every month then try quantity over quality. In the short term this strategy will work for you. Over time you may lose face to your blog readers, but once you have achieved your short term goals then you need to make the switch.

Be Up To Date

It is important not to be behind schedule when blogging always be ahead of your peers, keep readers tuned to the latest trend on the internet based on your niche area.
Do the breaking news story, that way you will surely be ahead
I have used this strategy on several of my niche blogs and this has helped a great deal by making me stay ahead of my peers.

Hire Powerful Writers.

To be honest, I cant do it all on my own, I have a team of writers who have helped me in no small measure achieve my blogging targets.
Getting writers will require they have a passion for what they do. It is beyond Odesk and Fiverr. You need to visit their resume and probably visit their blogs or where they’ve put up their writing skills to use. Let your writers put up their writing skills to use.

Let your writers be gifted in the art of communicating to your readers, for me am not too interested in the style of writing. Let the writer your hire show quality not quantity. Let them have a passion for writing especially using Social media, SEO, great headlines and images.

Increase traffic through Social Media

Yeah ! Yeah !! I know this topic has been trashed several times but c’mon we all need some love from social media networks across board.

The key to increasing your traffic using this medium is all about engaging; you need to be up to date, show relevance and make your presence felt.
Here are some points to note when you use social media
Update your Profile: a complete profile is a must-have. Spend some time to make sure you complete all the relevant categories and fields, and most importantly, that you provide links to all your websites.

Post Regularly

Once you start posting on social media, it’s very important to keep it up regularly. You won’t keep getting traffic from social media unless you keep posting and engaging constantly (preferably daily, or at least during weekdays). It also important to be human on social media – don’t just post links all the time, but also images, videos, text only posts and even posts that don’t have anything to do with your business

Post links to your blog posts

Posting links to valuable resources is one of the top ways of getting traffic from social media. Whenever you write a new blog post, article or have a new valuable resource on your website, make sure you post it on your social media profiles. However, don’t just post the link and the title of the article/resource – rather, try to write a short introduction that will make people want to click on the link and read more


Finally Engage Engage Engage, that’s the secret to your social media success, the more time you spend on your page, by responding to comments, liking comments the more success you will have to increasing your traffic.

The list is endless, feel free to add your comments and thoughts on this