I believe you’ve heard about the new rave of the moment, Google +, the social network that may surpass facebook and twitter combined.

Google + or Google plus as many call it, is a social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc.
At the last count it had over 500 million active users surpassing twitter in June 2013.

Google plus should be any bloggers focus later part of 2013 and 2014. Many businesses and people should focus on this new platform and new features are already in place for interaction.

Getting Started With Google +

There are 3 ways to get started depending on what your intentions are
There is the personal, professional and Business page; I will try to break down what role each page stands out for you.
In the past you needed to be invited to use the Google + network, well not anymore, google + now allows you to freely join as long as you have a Gmail or Google account.


Next stop sign up or if not registered get a Gmail now; since I already have an account so I just sign in
Welcome Screen

Your welcome screen will look more like this


Next Up Click On Your View Profile and Edit at Top right Of the screen where in this case you can see a small pic of me

New Picture (2)

Here you will be able to edit your Google+ profile information, including adding a tagline, employment information, education and photo scrapbook. You can also set the privacy on each one of these to anyone on the web, extended circles (friends of friends), your circles or only you.
When you click on Continue to my profile, you will see your full profile which will pull your Google+ updates on the Posts tab
Next stop will be on your story page

profile pic on google plus

As much as you can give every detail information on yourself and also websites, twitter page(s) etc

New Picture

Edit every info about your new Google profile; your photos Under Photos and Videos
Adding Connections
The next thing you want to do is adding people to your plus page, on the left hand side of your page click on Home link this will pull down a menu click on People


Doing this will give you an identity and enable you connect with friends on the network. people you have emailed in Gmail who also have Google accounts, people you follow on Google Buzz and so forth—using the Find and Invite tab. You can also see who has already added you to their connections by using the People who’ve added you tab.
If you want to know about a particular person? Then click on their box and then the link to their profile where you can see (based on their privacy preferences) their latest updates, people they have added to their circles, people who have added them to circles, and people you have in common between your circles.
Getting Started with Your Own Circles
To put it in lay mans terms, circles are how you organize the way you connect with people you connect with them based on your influence towards them, you can build circles with friends, hobbies, acquaintances, interest, travel, the list is endless, you can build circles based on certain individuals.
The great thing about adding people on your circles is you will always be notified each time someone joins, you can also see whether people have added you to their circles.
Another wonderful thing about circles is the way people share their circles either on their blog. To learn more about circles please view the below video

How To Find People To Circle

Google + has a unique feature where you can find people and it such a great way to get started, you can also be use third party sites to Find people on Google Plus with this feature you can have a birds eye view of the people they have circled and what interest they are involved in.
Posting To Google Circles.
You can always add photos, videos and audios as a post on Google plus, you can make a choice as to which circle, community or persons you want to post to, a wonderful new feature you can now upload animated photos to your Google post.

Using Google + Communities

The greatest asset with Google + is its community pages, they are two ways in using Google’s communities either you join one or you create one affiliated to a passion of yours.
The opportunities are endless, you will definitely see people talking about items that interest you, also you will find people you would love to connect with in their circles

blogging on google plus

Use Google + as your Business Page

Increase traffic to your brand and Google + business pages, when you interact with folks online you can take them on your Google business page, to do this follow these steps,
click on your profile page and click the drop down menu

business page on google plus

You can also use your Google + as a comment plugin on your blog, use this to interact with people on your blog, use this to interact with people on your Google + community pages this will surely increase traffic to your blog

google plus comments

Be An Author Using Your Google + Profile

For starters Google Authorship program allows you to provide links where you publish your content as a contributor.
If you are a guest writer or contributor to blogs you can add links to your Google + profile. Something like this https://plus.google.com/112180238323947649873/about
Next go to the contributor section on the About tag on your Google + profile and add a link to your author page for each blog you contribute to.
In doing this your Google + profile photo will show up on search results related to your blog post.

profile on google plus

The Use Of Hash tags

Hashtags are great ways to be identified on search engines, twitter uses such service; here on Google+ Hashtags will help you identify your contents easily, one great thing about plus is that if you don’t remember to place hashtags it will place them on updates, be sure to always check if such hastags used are in line with your content.

New Picture (1)

Host Using Google + Hangouts

Perhaps one success story of Google + many internet marketers will pitch on is the Google + Hangouts, which can be a great alternative to webinars; while you can only host 10 participants at a time, you can converts your hangouts as a video and get it uploaded on youtube, you can use hangouts as a webinar, panel discussion platform

googl hangouts

To learn more on Hangouts visit the Google+ hangouts page to see all of the live hangouts happening at this moment. You can also start out your hangout events and get to invite members who may want to chat up with you.

Key Points To Avoid When Using Google Plus

• Try to join as many communities on Google plus
• Don’t post only about your products and services, people find this rude and offensive when you talk only about yourself
• Try to engage followers via your Circles.
• Avoid using bad image cover for your Google plus profile
• Try to complete your profile for your business page It helps your SEO


Google + is a great social networking tool for use, I believe you will enjoy using this service beyond the year
Feel free to add your own ideas