I haven’t written in a while now but a lot has happened, thanks to new roles and duties; having said that there is no doubt social media has changed a lot for us and new stuffs are coming on board the Internet landscape; that said may I introduce to you the new hype in town, Cryptocurrency.

Cyrptocurrency or Digicurrency is the new ish that is making many people wealthy, being ok or should I say new Millionaires. It all started in 2008,when an unknown currency by the suedo Bitcoin came on stream, started off as a joke when it was said it’s founder or creator was an unknown Satoshi Nakamoto, fast forward today Bitcoin which started off in pennies is worth over $1300 as at 30th April 2017, that according to CoinDesk Price Index Website

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the reality we are into today, Bitcoin no doubt is here to stay and from all indication, the price will continue to rise, key questions, why is Bitcoin rising faster than the price of Gold ? What is the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies world wide? What impact will it make for citizens of the world.

Here’s my take for the moment, the French elections is coming up and one indicator I know for certain will be is France staying in the EU or not ? Will China continue to make an impact on the digispehere, with nearly 10% of trade coming from there; I do know for certain that Bitcoin won’t crash anytime soon and instead will receive some shocks and resistance especially when it wants to break a new price, Bitcoin will rally to $2000 before the end of the year and this is the best time now to cash in on this.


Here’s my final take, invest in Bitcoin now and watch your investment grow in the long term , practically am here for the long term and will advice anyone who intends to invest to do so now, why will the likes of Bill Gates and Richard Branson be in it ? More questions , more time , invest now