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image courtesy : digital information world

I’ve seen social media used for all sorts of things, getting news to go viral, getting to say hi even to boring friends and worse of all complaining if the presidents suit is made tan and why he should be wearing such (can you imagine that )

Going social is a stepping stone in the right direction if you have to increase online publicity for your service.

For me having a social media presence is key to increasing my web traffic, not only that getting quality juice backlinks, but I won’t use social media to abuse or insult or make joke of Palestinians, HELL NO , (RIP JOAN RIVERS). For the records, you need to stay away from creating negative buzz, checkout what may cause the ESPN legal suit for $10 million

So if you need to be online, protect yourself from negative comments, law suits, insults, your pockets, then learn to tread carefully on social media.

20 Things You Should Never Share On Social Media

  1. Waking up in the morning and sharing photos space about the Gaza war.
  2. Chanting war songs on Sunday before heading to church
  3. Sharing images of you shaving armpit
  4. Sharing your holiday escapades pictures
  5. Why on earth will you welcome dad and mum back from New York, keep it cool to yourself.
  6. Your dating and family remains your problems
  7. Don’t share your secret questions and answers especially on paypal
  8. Who gives a damn about breakfast you had
  9. You got to work late so?
  10. You can’t make it to work, dare not share photos of the party you attended today.
  11. Your friend owes you then you let the world know.
  12. Your dog just pissed on the rug.
  13. Stop sending ‘hate you’ messages to rivals or friends
  14. Stop wishing , wishing online could be a boring
  15. Images and videos of your children or siblings
  16. Your views on religion, race, politics, remains with you
  17. Don’t make the world know you’re dump with ideas
  18. Don’t share your plan you will be sick
  19. You are buying a new item like a house
  20. if you don’t feel comfortable don’t share

You can send more ideas about what should not be shared on social media below