In my last post on 8 highly effective ways to Increase Traffic,

I listed some quickies, here’s a continuation to web traffic, trust me, its not an easy feat to gaining traffic and even this blog has that same problem but

If you are looking to draw more traffic to your website then you better be prepared to put in the work.

It can be hard to get more traffic to your website but if you focus on unique content and posts then you should have no problem bringing more

people to your website.  Many people turn to advertising to get people to their sites but there are plenty of great ways to bring people in

without having to pay or advertise.


Getting Traffic Via Website Forums


For instance a great way to get more traffic to your website is to go to different forums that are related to your website and

offer useful information relating to a topic.  In forum posting you can sign your posts with a signature and a great way to do

that is with your own website information.  By making intelligent well thought out posts about forum topics that pertain to your website

others looking at that forum will see that you have insight into the topic and know what you are talking about.

This will help bring them to your own page where they can find useful information from blogs and articles that you have on your website.

By posting regularly at these forums you will draw in more customers just be sure to keep your content and posts unique to you.

Don’t make it look as though you put out a banana peal on the floor you can imagine what happens when you step on it, you’ll definitely fall and

tumble, I know some folks will be thinking that old trick doesn’t watch, well watch cartoon network to confirm this.


Gaining Traffic via Niche blog.


Another great way to draw in more traffic to your website is to visit different blogs that are in the same niche as you are.  You can go to

these other blogs read their posts and make comments and post as your website or leave a link to your site.

Make sure that you are making valid and intelligent posts simply stating that you like their blog will not bring more traffic to your website.

Take your time and compose a well thought out and worded response that will make people want to read your own blogs.

Make sure that the content you are posting is good and will engage people and make them want to come back.

The more unique content and posts that you make the more likely you will be to get more traffic.

Make your content personable and try to not only appeal to a certain type of reader but also make the information broad

enough to bring in new readers and customers.


By making several posts a week you can really up your traffic to your site.  You should also try to post to

forums and other blogs as often as you can and include links to your own blog and website so that you can use

social media and other outlets to get more traffic.  By having a unique view and unique content you will find that people will

respond well to that and will appreciate that you have your own opinion and view on topics.  You also want to take the time to compose

well written blogs and articles that are both informative but also showcase your personality.