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Of late Ethereum the second largest cryptocurrency on the planet is dropping in value like the Niagara waterfalls and anyone who bought the stock aint enjoying this ride one bit.

The digital currency which was the darling of several ICO companies seeking for funds is at a tale of merry go round, today the value which had an all time high of $400 in early June went below $200; one begins to wonder what went wrong and how it happened.

The actual cause of crash many analyst believe is as a result of several of these coys who had people purchase their stakes with ether wanted quick cash, of course this caused the value to drop and many further out of fear dumping their Ether.

Ethereum which is a blockchain is traded on digital tokens called Ether. Worth around $36Bn , it is seen as the future with many expecting it to surpass Bitcoin; But the digital currency DC has seen alot after it had been forked by two blockchains in 2016, Ether may need ¬†a comeback with the right philosophy, for me my take will be to have a self discipline without trading based on impulse, alot of holders of the DC frankly are selling cos there is uncertainty or those who don’t understand the market. ¬†Without a doubt, Ether will shine and all needs to focus on what next for the machine, my honest believe is people should never panik, afterall someone made over 200 million dollars from Ethereum

It’s no big deal I guess but you too can make thousands and possibly millions, the sky is just the limit