Honestly I always have this believe in my head, I am a man of ideas and yet I show no emotions in taking actions rather my best hubby is procrastination, I always looked up to great internet guys like Neil Patel and John Chow but guess what after looking at their model I will laugh off and say I can do better than them, now I know better am the King of Procrastinators .

If you must be good at what you want to be in, you need to strive to make an effort , push yourself and get off the shelf, tell you what, your greatest distractors are the things you have close to you, am not talking about family and friends, am talking about your mobile phones , your laptop constantly connected to social media, stop the facebooking piercing into other people’s articles, rather let them look at your articles, if you must succeed in whatever you do then you need to make an effort at being consistent, this website is a good example of what failure looks like but I have put a thought process and reminded myself Uzoma , you can make a difference by first writing one article a month to one article in two weeks to another everyday, Neil has one article connected to his website daily, he’s no super star but I bet you he sure is an influencer.

Forget it , am not perfect with my English but that doesn’t mean I should not bother pushing above the limit, be consistent in whatever you do.

There is a great saying, ‘ Rome was not built in a day’ I should give the lad who thought of that saying an Award, yes he is right with that, to start writing convince yourself you can do it , pour out your emotions and set yourself a target of 500 words daily then you can climb up to a 1000 words then 1500 words with time you will be a master at what you are doing; you get the idea ?

It’s really a pain when you try as much as you can to be consistent but end up not even getting 1% output, have find out for myself that new year resolutions don’t work for me, I kept up saying I will succeed in whatever I put my efforts in but end up being a disappointment.

Look, I have a job a 9-5 job but that shouldn’t stop me from moving to my passion, which is Internet marketing, the job makes me, not me making it, you should have a plan which is what am doing ,

Always try to invest quality time in practicing what you have learnt, rather than always learning new things and not getting to put them into use, this is wrong, I have a buddy who has invested in over $2000 worth of books and materials on how to make money and yet he hasn’t spent a dime in applying what he has learnt, now many of us are in that situation and I tell you, that is rather very disappointing .

Please, think out of the box and squeeze out time in applying what you have learnt even if it’s a fraction; my writing this article has made me understand a great deal in myself, and now am putting things into use, am not totally a smart chap, but believe me if I tell you this, having a gut feeling in taking up a challenge in shaping your community is about important.

Be objective and learn from your mistakes, guys you will make mistakes I swear if you don’t your first season then there must be a problem; making mistakes is part of life what is actually a mistake is not learning from your mistake and others; you need to have a plan and make sure you are one step ahead.


What’s The Plan

The plan is for you to remain relevant and be consistent; derive joy in what you are doing, look people will form a critic club where you are but never shy away from being a step ahead , learn learn learn and apply what you have learnt, don’t be afraid to ask, in asking you will get answers, Quora is a place where you can get answers and use the answer to apply to a skill you are focused on making efforts in your life.

Social Media

Using Social media is great but using it wisely is another thing, have always known for a fact that social media can make you and or destroy, I believed it did to some of our mentors who never expected it to hit them; but hey do your best and apply the rest.

So friends what have you achieved today ? Mine, I wrote an article to encourage you on applying your skills on life and the internet and it’s more than 500 words, doing this while working on a 9 to 5 job