Blogger For Hire

I’m an experienced blogger for hire and a social media consultant. I create social media marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes. I specialize in writing for the Web: my copy is readable, engaging, and optimized for search engines. I blog regularly for several clients. Internetblogsecrets is my personal blog.

Why Hire a Blogger?

A blogger for hire can help you achieve some of your most important business goals:

Increase targeted traffic to your Web site by adding a blog and writing regular, search-engine-optimized blog posts that contain your main keywords. The result: better rankings in search engines and more people finding your site through search.

Convert qualified traffic into leads and customers. The people who find your site through search are actively looking for your solution. Having them land on your site creates an opportunity for you to turn them into leads and customers.

Establish yourself as the leader in your industry and connect with potential clients and customers through wise use of proven social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Social media is a highly accessible, free marketing tool. Your competitors – and your clients – are already using it. Are you?

Blogger for Hire Services

•  Being a blogger for hire means I can write about any topic.

•  A typical blog post is between 300-2000 words.

•  Analyze your site and recommend keywords or you can provide me with a list of keywords. Once keywords are identified, I seamlessly work those keywords, and well-placed internal links, into my blog posts.

• Prepare an editorial calendar with a list of topics for blog posts, or you can provide me with topics.

• Post directly to your blog if you give me access, or deliver the articles via email in Word Doc format.

• Install a WordPress blog on your Web site or use an existing blog.

Social Media Services

•  Increase qualified traffic to your Web site and build legitimacy, authority and a better reputation in your field.

•  Set up and maintain accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

•  Establish legitimacy and authority through regular posting of company and industry-related info and links.

•  Reach out to relevant audience and create meaningful, authentic connections and conversations.

•  Focus on fans and followers that are relevant to your company. These are the followers that can turn into lifelong, loyal clients and customers.



Hire me as a blogger and start attracting qualified traffic to your Web site today. Email me for a quote: screamuzor [at] yahoo [dot] com. I return most emails within 24 hours and will never share your email address with anyone.

Thank You